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VerticalWave is a mobile & web development digital agency based in Toronto, that offers high-end solutions and services for organizations around the world.

We are a top-tier web & mobile digital agency. We use the latest available tools and methodologies, assuring that all of our projects are finished on time and on budget with a quality that always meets and often exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Our expertise range is wide and includes web and mobile solutions, e-commerce and digital marketing. From startup minimum viable products to complex web apps, VerticalWave has the skills and experience to deliver highly successful projects.



Our focus and expertise on developing innovative applications are based on new and exciting development platforms. We’re on top of all new digital technologies and are constantly experimenting with new tools and frameworks.

VerticalWave’s solutions and services help companies stay connected by enabling them to actively collaborate, interact and communicate using the latest digital technologies in new and exciting ways.

Industry Experience

The team behind VerticalWave has many years of experience in UX and software development projects by working with world leading companies like SalesForce, Bombardier, Motorola, Mitsubishi Electric, Kawasaki and other. Now, this isn’t something you can find anywhere.

We have successfully delivered numerous projects of different sizes and complexity in various industries using a wide range of technologies. Capitalizing on the accumulated experience VerticalWave can guarantee the top-tier quality of our projects.


Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage comes from our commitment to innovation in development, and constant contact and communication with our clients throughout the project’s development lifecycle.

VerticalWave employs the use of the latest available digital technologies to deliver the best projects with competitive development costs, fast execution and high ROI for our customers. Communication with our customers is paramount for a successful project.


We use proven methodologies for successful project development and delivery. Our main project management approach is based on Agile strategies such as Scrum and Kanban. We make our customers a part of our team through regular involvement and feedback, which makes our projects more error-free, requirement oriented and more user friendly. By following these development and project management methodology standards we can guarantee the highest quality of work for all of our projects.

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