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Drupal vs Joomla vs WordPress

When it comes to open source CMS, the best and most popular solutions on the market today are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. All three are very good systems and have been used in building numerous websites for different purposes, but which one should you use for your next project?

Well, that’s not the easiest question to answer. From my experience, it all depends on your scope/requirements and who’s going to be administering and maintaining your website in the long run.

For example, if you’re looking to build a complex website with lots of features and functionality, your best bet would be Drupal. No question about that. Drupal can handle whatever you throw at it. It’s flexible, scalable and feature-rich. Look at it more as a framework, than a CMS.

Joomla on the other hand is a good system, but not nearly as scalable and flexible as Drupal. I see it more as a compromise not really worth making.
It has some great modules, that work flawlessly out of the box and a good, intuitive administration interface. But it lacks performance, themeing and SEO.

And there’s WordPress, a great, simple, blogging CMS. For any presentation or fairly simple website, there is no better solutions than WordPress. Even though it can accommodate more complex websites, even e-commerce/product catalog sites, it’s best use is for simple, straight to the point solutions.
It features a very easy to use administration interface, thousands of plugins and themes. You can get a website up and running litterally in just a few hours.

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