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Fast TV Channels Series

Project Overview

The Fast TV Channels Series are owned and operated by Blue Ant Media, one of Canada’s premier content producer, distributor, and TV channel operator. The series of websites gather Haunt TV, Homeful TV, Crime Time TV, History Time TV, Drag Race Universe TV and Love Pets TV and continues to expand. They promote top shows across a series of platforms like Roku, Vizio, Samsung TV, LG Channels in Canada, US and Europe.

The websites are integrated in a unified platform, using the WordPress engine combined with a custom Divi template and in-house built plugins by Vertical, allowing to be operated individually or together via a master control board. The content is delivered using advanced geo-location targeting based on visitor IP to deliver specific shows for Canadian, US and Europe based viewers. Viewing sources are also location based and custom delivered by IP targeting.

Project Features