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End of Life Cycle for Drupal 6

According to, the Drupal 6 platform will no longer be supported by the community, starting with the 24th of February 2016. Drupal 6 has proven to be a versatile CMS, but it has reached its end of life, as the technology around it tends to become obsolete in the modern web environment.

New official projects, documentation, bug fixes or updates will no longer be available and no core commits on Drupal 6.x to the official tree will be performed. At the same time, the security team will no longer provide any support and Drupal 6 releases on project pages will be flagged as not supported.

This means that is high time for Drupal 6 website owners (personal, corporate or government) to consider updating to the modern Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 platforms. This update will ensure full security support for their sites, as well as access to top tier web technology in terms of design and functionality.

A few vendors have announced that they will provide paid support for the older Drupal 6 sites beyond the 24th of February, but this is in fact a costly, temporary alternative. The best solution remains to migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8.


VerticalWave welcomes Drupal7

The whole team welcomes and is excited about the newly released Drupal 7.
Drupal 7 comes with a variety of framework improvements and opens new possiblities in terms of development and what can be achieved with the Drupal platform.

Drupal 7 is a truly revolutionary release that saw both the size and diversity of our contributor community grow exponentially. Through the formation of and strong coordination among the Usability, Accessibility, and Design teams, Drupal 7 addresses a number of our project’s longest-standing limitations and opens up access for more people to enjoy the strong web publishing framework we have all come to love.

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