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Mental Health Commission Of Canada Housing First Toolkit


Project Overview

Canadian Housing First Toolkit is a complementary resource site for the Homeless Hub funded by The Mental Health Commission of Canada. It is designed to help Canadian doctors, planners, government-policy makers, researchers, as well as general audience get more involved in the housing aspect of homelessness.

The Canadian Housing First Toolkit is based on the experiences of the At Home/Chez Soi project and was developed to assist other Canadian communities that are interested in adopting the Housing First approach to deal with the issue of homelessness. The Pathways model of Housing First is being implemented across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Together with the team behind the Canadian Housing First Toolkit, VerticalWave Solutions developed a clean and intuitive website, which conveys clear and structured information, available in English and French. Each section of the website is optimized for a superior user experience and easy access to resources.


Project Features